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Harvest Day

It was fun to see how much lettuce grew from those tiny seeds that we planted. We cut the lettuce with scissors and then dug up the roots for compost. When we were finished with the lettuce, we planted new seeds in the soil. Can you guess what we’re growing next?  

Exploring Maps

We read Me on the Map and learned the names of our street, town, state, country, and planet. We explored many different kinds of maps. We talked about how we have used maps when hiking, driving, or visiting new places.   When have you used a map?

Build a Shady Spot

We learned about how the sun provides heat and light to help living things. We worked in teams to build structures that would shade an ice cube from the sun. We made predictions about what would happen to that ice cube and what would happen to ice cubes left out in the sun. Given an assortment of materials, the teams came up with different ways to protect their ice cubes. Some built houses, tents, or umbrellas. We placed our structures on a picnic table in the courtyard. We placed the ice cubes inside and outside the structures, then left them

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A Visit From the Museum of Science

A big thanks to the PTO for funding Wednesday’s visit from the Museum of Science as we learned more about animal habitats. We saw a leopard gecko and learned what they eat, what kind of shelter they prefer, and what kind of climate they enjoy. Then we had to use those clues to guess their habitat. We did the same with an Eastern Milk Snake… and a brown rat! We also got to touch a turtle shell, a snake skin, and a raccoon fur. Thank you, PTO, for sponsoring this great program!

Planting Lettuce Seeds

After a few rain delays, we were finally able to plant our lettuce seeds in the courtyard garden with the help of third grade teacher, Mrs. MacNeill. Each class participated in planting a vegetable. We will observe them as they grow and hope to harvest them before the end of the year.

Trash to Treasure

We have had a lot of fun creating things out of recyclable materials! Birdhouses, hotels, boats, pools, and robots were just some of the creations!  

Making Ten Bracelets

We used ten beads on a bracelet to show ways to make ten. We are working on remembering that the plus sign means to add. Students slid some of the ten beads to one side of the bracelet, leaving the rest on the other side. Then they counted how many were on each side and wrote a number sentence. How many ways can you think of to make ten?

Center Time

We have been exploring weather in our Housekeeping Center. Last week, we used weather puppets. This week, we used a pretend camera and microphone to do our own weather report. At the Math Center, we tried leveling the pan balance using Play-Doh and classroom objects. Students worked together to put small amounts of Play-Doh in one side to equal the weight of the object on the other side of the pan balance. At the Building Center, some students had the idea to draw a plan before building a marble run structure. We are always thinking of new ways to explore

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Animal Facts and Habitats

We have been learning about different habitats and animals for several weeks. Each week, we learned about a habitat and then learned facts about one or two animals that live there. We read articles, looked at pictures, watched videos, and listened to animal sounds.  Then we made a poster about each animal by listing the facts that we had learned. Everyone wrote one or two facts about each animal in their writing journal. We completed our animal study by building homes out of classroom materials. We used the facts that we learned to decide what the habitats should include.  Kids

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Hopping On the Number Line

We taped the numbers 0 – 20 in the hallway to make a walk-on number line! We used two dice to play a game: One die had plus and minus symbols, the other had the numbers 1, 2, and 3. Students took turns rolling the dice to make a classmate move up and down the number line. Maddie got a +2 so she moved up the line. Some people even had so many minus symbols rolled that they went off the number line! Liam was on the 2 but a -3 was rolled! We had fun learning that plus moves

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