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Exploring Length

While we don’t use standard units of measurement in kindergarten, we do introduce the concept of shorter and longer. We began by cutting a piece of yarn the same length (or height) as each student. They used their pieces of yarn to find things in the classroom that were shorter or longer than themselves!   We also practiced putting objects in order from shortest to tallest. Pencils, straws, and pipe cleaners of different sizes are all great for practicing this skill! What do you have at home that you can put in order from shortest to longest? Can you put

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Happy 100th Day!

We worked together to write 100 CVC words as a class. Students shared their awesome collections of 100! Keep an eye out for our 100 things class book that will come home soon!

Global Play Day

We had fun playing games with our fifth grade buddies on Global Play Day. Ask your child how the fifth grade plants are doing! What happened to the seeds that were planted in cotton balls?


We continued our exploration of force, motion, pushes, and pulls with a catapult design challenge. With the help of our fifth grade buddies, we worked in teams to build a catapult that would make a pompom travel far across the room. Each team was given a spoon, some large and small craft sticks, some rubber bands, and a pompom. The students had to share ideas and work together. Our fifth grade friends were a big help with this experiment! We discovered that some designs and techniques made our pompoms go up and hit the ceiling! Other ways pushed our pompoms

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Snow Bears

This week, we read The Three Snow Bears by Jan Brett. We noticed it was a lot like Goldilocks and the Three Bears! In the art center, we made polar bears out of old newspapers. What a great way to reuse materials!

Race Car Ramps

We have been learning about force, motion, pushes, and pulls. We invited our fifth grade friends to help us build ramps to see how far we could get a car to travel. Each team was given a car, a piece of card stock, and a few pieces of tape. Teams tried out different places in the room, different styles and placements of ramps. We are continuing to experiment with ramps in the block center this week!      


We loved reading The Mitten by Jan Brett and have been doing a lot of mitten activities! We made our own mittens and chose an animal to put inside them. We put bears and dinosaurs into gloves and counted how many we could fit inside – this took teamwork! Can you believe that over 100 bears could fit into one glove?  

Gingerbread Man Challenge

After reading several Gingerbread Man stories, we knew that taking a ride from the fox to cross the river always ended badly for the cookie. We decided to build structures for the Gingerbread Man to use instead! We worked in teams, which required us to share ideas and compromise. Teams could choose from a variety of materials to use. Some teams drew a picture to help make a plan. Some teams had to abandon materials and try others to build their bridge. Finally, we tested each bridge and observed the results. Everyone had a different way to solve the problem and

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Winter Activities

We had a lot of fun with hands on winter activities this week! We experimented with solids and liquids by freezing some classroom materials in ice. We put one bowl outside and kept one inside and observed how each changed throughout the day. We made dreidels and practiced spinning them while graphing our results. We tried mixing baking soda and shaving cream to make indoor “snow.” It was fun to pack it into a snowball but then crumble it up again!  

Winter Trees

We made winter trees in the art center this week. We started with a triangle, then cut it into strips. Then we had to arrange the pieces from smallest to biggest on a tree trunk. Finally, we added snow. Come see our trees in the hallway!