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Happy 100th Day!

We had fun sharing our collections of 100 things and doing activities with the number 100.

Games with 5th Grade

On Global Play Day, we played games and did puzzles with our 5th grade buddies.

Recess on the Hot Top

We are finding lots of fun ways to play on the hot top! Our new recess routine is giving us opportunities to practice sharing and taking turns.

Push and Pull

We explored how pushing and pulling objects can create motion by doing two experiments. In the first experiment, students were given a toy car and had to build a ramp to make the car travel as far as possible. The next week, we had our fifth grade buddies help us to make catapults using a spoon, rubber bands, and popsicle sticks. Then they launched pom poms to see how far they could go!

Holiday Fun

We had a great time playing in our Gingerbread House! Our fifth grade buddies prepared this snowman project for us and helped us put them together.

Boat Building Challenge

After reading about the story of the first Thanksgiving, we worked together to build miniature boats that could float in a bin of water and hold a few people without sinking. Kids chose their materials, made a plan, and got building! They discovered that they had to make modifications and keep trying if their boat had problems. With compromise and perseverance, everyone was able to succeed!

Yarn Shapes

We worked together to make shapes using large pieces of yarn. To successfully make each shape, groups had to think about how many sides and how many corners the shape had. For trickier shapes, they also had to consider diagonal or straight lines, equal length sides, and curves!

Longer or Shorter

We compared objects to a marker to decide if they were longer or shorter. We discovered that most objects were shorter than the marker. Then we compared the same set of objects to a paper clip. This time, more objects were longer!

Five Little Pumpkins Challenge

We read the Pete the Cat version of “Five Little Pumpkins” and then worked in teams to build a gate that would hold five pumpkins. We talked about the importance of sharing ideas, compromising, and not giving up in order to be successful. Each group was given the same materials: five clothespins, five craft sticks, and five pumpkin erasers. Every team was able to build a gate strong enough to hold their five little pumpkins!

Farm Field Trip

Our trip to the farm was a blast! We loved the hay ride, donuts, and animals. The playground was a favorite for many of the kids!