We use the Everyday Math curriculum.

  • Look for the Everyday Math Home Links in your child’s folder.
  • Play Everyday Math games (please contact me for your child’s login and password).
  • Count everywhere you go! The car is a great place for counting. Try starting from different numbers. Jack Hartmann has a lot of great counting videos like this one on his YouTube page.
  • Practice writing numbers in sand, shaving cream, or play-doh. If 0-10 are mastered, work on those tricky teens.
  • Look for teen numbers everywhere! We like this teen number song: Numbers in the Teens Have a Group of Ten.
  • Sort objects into groups: buttons, coins, toys, groceries. What is the same about these objects? What is different?
  • Make patterns with colors, sounds, actions, blocks, anything! Try to make AB, ABB, AAB, and ABC patterns.
  • Look for patterns in the world around you.
  • Measure things by comparing two objects to see which is longer/shorter, bigger/smaller, lighter/heavier.
  • Explore 2D and 3D shapes with this Starfall game.

Number Writing Chants:

1: Start at the top and down you run, that’s the way to make a one.

2: A cane and a shoe, that’s the way to make a two.

3: Around the tree, around the tree, that’s the way to make a three.

4: Down and across and slice through the door, that’s the way to make a four.

5: Skinny neck, belly fat, Mr. Five wears a hat.

6: Start at the top, pull down and go around, the number six you have found.

7: Across the sky and go see Kevin, that’s the way to make a seven.

8: Make an S and close the gate, that’s the way to make an eight.

9: A circle and a line, that’s the way to make a nine.