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Exploring Centers

We have been learning how to do centers in our classroom every afternoon. In small groups, children go to one center each day and rotate throughout the week. In their center, the children may have a project to complete or they may be able to choose what to do. In the math center, we have been exploring different materials. In the blocks center, we are working on sharing Legos and big blocks. At housekeeping (our dramatic play center), we are playing in our pretend kitchen and dollhouse or using puppets. At the art center, we have been exploring different materials

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Trash to Treasure

We have had a lot of fun creating things out of recyclable materials! Birdhouses, hotels, boats, pools, and robots were just some of the creations!  

Center Time

We have been exploring weather in our Housekeeping Center. Last week, we used weather puppets. This week, we used a pretend camera and microphone to do our own weather report. At the Math Center, we tried leveling the pan balance using Play-Doh and classroom objects. Students worked together to put small amounts of Play-Doh in one side to equal the weight of the object on the other side of the pan balance. At the Building Center, some students had the idea to draw a plan before building a marble run structure. We are always thinking of new ways to explore

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Happy 100th Day!

We worked together to write 100 CVC words as a class. Students shared their awesome collections of 100! Keep an eye out for our 100 things class book that will come home soon!

Snow Bears

This week, we read The Three Snow Bears by Jan Brett. We noticed it was a lot like Goldilocks and the Three Bears! In the art center, we made polar bears out of old newspapers. What a great way to reuse materials!


We loved reading The Mitten by Jan Brett and have been doing a lot of mitten activities! We made our own mittens and chose an animal to put inside them. We put bears and dinosaurs into gloves and counted how many we could fit inside – this took teamwork! Can you believe that over 100 bears could fit into one glove?  

Winter Trees

We made winter trees in the art center this week. We started with a triangle, then cut it into strips. Then we had to arrange the pieces from smallest to biggest on a tree trunk. Finally, we added snow. Come see our trees in the hallway!

Color Mixing Pumpkins

We had a blast mixing red and yellow paint to make orange pumpkins in the art center. Then we cut out shapes (lots of triangles!) and made our pumpkins into jack-o’-lanterns. Come and see them on our classroom door!

Fine Motor Skills

A lot of what we do doubles as fine motor practice! One of our recent morning activities was picking up pom poms with a clothespin and sorting them by color. Another favorite morning activity is putting stickers on paper – peeling the stickers is good work to strengthen little fingers!   We have lots of different kinds of beads to lace.   Our projects in the art center require a lot of careful work with our fingers! Check out our fall leaves with patterned borders!

Fall Activities

We are enjoying October by working with apples, pumpkins, and leaves! Our sensory bin has leaves and rhyming pictures. We rolled a die and counted cubes to cover a pumpkin. We made silly apple faces for our classroom door.