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Five Little Pumpkins Challenge

We read the Pete the Cat version of “Five Little Pumpkins” and then worked in teams to build a gate that would hold five pumpkins. We talked about the importance of sharing ideas, compromising, and not giving up in order to be successful. Each group was given the same materials: five clothespins, five craft sticks, and five pumpkin erasers. Every team was able to build a gate strong enough to hold their five little pumpkins!

Book Bags

We were very excited to use our new book bags! Each week, we make a book or two for our bags and add a poem to our poetry folder. We add one to three new sight words to our sight word rings each week and keep those in the bag. Expect to see these bags every weekend!

Fifth Grade Buddies

We pair up with Mr. Skiba’s fifth grade class throughout the year to read and do projects. On our early release day, we met our buddies for the first time and enjoyed reading books with them.

Lines and Curves

As part of our writing block, we learned and practiced how to make different kinds of lines and curves. This will help us with both drawing and letter formation. We took those lines and curves and learned new ways to draw people, houses, and animals. We also used lines and curves in the art center to draw and paint. You can draw anything if you know lines and curves!


We have a new place to read in the classroom – our tent! We can also sit outside and pretend to roast marshmallows and hot dogs, or just enjoy the fake fire.


We completed our study of animal needs and fact writing with an engineering challenge. Working in teams, students had to build a habitat for their animal.

Field Trip

We had so much fun on our trip to the Children’s Museum!

Valentine’s Day/Play Day

What a fun day doing Valentine activities and playing with our fifth grade buddies! We also had a Valentine’s Flower Shop in our Housekeeping Center this week, so we got to practice buying and selling flowers!  

100th Day of School

We enjoyed working with the number 100 in many ways on the 100th day of school! We did 100 board puzzles.   We counted by 10s to 100 using fruit pouch tops.   We painted 100 gumballs.   We put 100 dinosaurs and unicorns on a 100 board.   We worked together to write 100 words.   We brought in collections of 100 things!  

Book Character Day

Jack from The Magic Tree House series.   Hedgie from The Mitten.   Fancy Nancy.   Dragons Love Tacos.   Blackbeard the pirate.   The Cat in the Hat.   Super Penguin!