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Length Line Up

We have been comparing lengths of objects. This week, we tried taking a handful of colored pencils and putting them in order from shortest to longest. This was a challenge that took a lot of concentration!

Happy 100th Day!

We had fun sharing our collections of 100 things and doing activities with the number 100.

Yarn Shapes

We worked together to make shapes using large pieces of yarn. To successfully make each shape, groups had to think about how many sides and how many corners the shape had. For trickier shapes, they also had to consider diagonal or straight lines, equal length sides, and curves!

Longer or Shorter

We compared objects to a marker to decide if they were longer or shorter. We discovered that most objects were shorter than the marker. Then we compared the same set of objects to a paper clip. This time, more objects were longer!


We mixed red and yellow paint to make orange pumpkins in the art center. Then we drew shapes to make eyes, noses, and mouths. We made lots of different kinds of faces on our jack-o’-lanterns!


Centers is one of our favorite times of the day! Here’s what we’ve been up to:


Here’s what we’ve been up to in centers this week… Working on our trash to treasure projects Making 3D shapes with magnetic rods Building with blocks and Legos

Field Trip

We had so much fun on our trip to the Children’s Museum!

Valentine’s Day/Play Day

What a fun day doing Valentine activities and playing with our fifth grade buddies! We also had a Valentine’s Flower Shop in our Housekeeping Center this week, so we got to practice buying and selling flowers!  

100th Day of School

We enjoyed working with the number 100 in many ways on the 100th day of school! We did 100 board puzzles.   We counted by 10s to 100 using fruit pouch tops.   We painted 100 gumballs.   We put 100 dinosaurs and unicorns on a 100 board.   We worked together to write 100 words.   We brought in collections of 100 things!