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Building Numbers

We have been working on showing numbers in different ways. We used mini erasers to make different combinations of the same number. This is an important skill that gets us ready for addition!  

What Does Math Look Like?

We do a lot of hands-on activities in math! Here’s a look at some of the things we did in math this week. In the math center, we practiced writing numbers in shaving cream. The rectangular trays are just like the boxes we write in when we practice numbers on paper. The top left hand corner is called “the starting corner” and almost every number starts there! Although we don’t measure with units in kindergarten, we become familiar with the terms longer and shorter. We practiced describing the length of objects by comparing them to a paper clip. Is it

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Halloween Activities

We used number cards to count and add eyes to monsters. We made torn paper mosaics to display in our hallway. We played Tic-Tac-Toe with Halloween counters . We made words with candy corn letters and matched letters on a cauldron. We used Halloween stickers to inspire our writing. What a fun month!  

Dot Cards

In math, we have been counting dots and comparing quantities. Which has more? What does equal mean? We learned to play Match Up and Top It with dot cards. In Match Up, players had to find cards of equal quantities. In Top It, the player with the greater number of dots got to keep the cards. Math games are a great way to practice taking turns and being a good sport!  

Exploring Centers

We have been learning how to do centers in our classroom every afternoon. In small groups, children go to one center each day and rotate throughout the week. In their center, the children may have a project to complete or they may be able to choose what to do. In the math center, we have been exploring different materials. In the blocks center, we are working on sharing Legos and big blocks. At housekeeping (our dramatic play center), we are playing in our pretend kitchen and dollhouse or using puppets. At the art center, we have been exploring different materials

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Making Ten Bracelets

We used ten beads on a bracelet to show ways to make ten. We are working on remembering that the plus sign means to add. Students slid some of the ten beads to one side of the bracelet, leaving the rest on the other side. Then they counted how many were on each side and wrote a number sentence. How many ways can you think of to make ten?

Center Time

We have been exploring weather in our Housekeeping Center. Last week, we used weather puppets. This week, we used a pretend camera and microphone to do our own weather report. At the Math Center, we tried leveling the pan balance using Play-Doh and classroom objects. Students worked together to put small amounts of Play-Doh in one side to equal the weight of the object on the other side of the pan balance. At the Building Center, some students had the idea to draw a plan before building a marble run structure. We are always thinking of new ways to explore

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Hopping On the Number Line

We taped the numbers 0 – 20 in the hallway to make a walk-on number line! We used two dice to play a game: One die had plus and minus symbols, the other had the numbers 1, 2, and 3. Students took turns rolling the dice to make a classmate move up and down the number line. Maddie got a +2 so she moved up the line. Some people even had so many minus symbols rolled that they went off the number line! Liam was on the 2 but a -3 was rolled! We had fun learning that plus moves

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Exploring Length

While we don’t use standard units of measurement in kindergarten, we do introduce the concept of shorter and longer. We began by cutting a piece of yarn the same length (or height) as each student. They used their pieces of yarn to find things in the classroom that were shorter or longer than themselves!   We also practiced putting objects in order from shortest to tallest. Pencils, straws, and pipe cleaners of different sizes are all great for practicing this skill! What do you have at home that you can put in order from shortest to longest? Can you put

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Happy 100th Day!

We worked together to write 100 CVC words as a class. Students shared their awesome collections of 100! Keep an eye out for our 100 things class book that will come home soon!