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Color Mixing

At the Art Center this week, we experimented with mixing colors. We used red, yellow, and blue food coloring. We transferred drops of colored water from one bowl to another to see what would happen. It was also a fun way to get some fine motor practice in while squeezing the pipettes! Everyone is excited to try mixing all of the colors together next time. What will it make?

Boat Building

We talked about the story of Thanksgiving and how the Pilgrims sailed across the ocean in a big ship called the Mayflower. Then we had an engineering challenge: working as a team, choose materials to build a boat that will float and not sink! To be successful, teams had to listen to each other, compromise, and work together. They tried different materials and put back things that didn’t work well for their design. It was fun to try putting people (math counters) in the boat!  

Field Trip Fun!

We had fun at Smolak Farms! The playground was the highlight of the trip!

Five Little Pumpkins Challenge

We read the poem “Five Little Pumpkins” to listen for rhyming words and find the sight word the.┬áThen we had our first engineering challenge of the year: build a gate to hold five pumpkins. This project helped us to practice working together. We also learned the importance of trying and trying again when something doesn’t work the first time. Each team was given the same materials and set off the build a gate. Some teams chose to draw a plan of how their gate might look. They tried lots of different ways to use clothespins and craft sticks to construct

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Pumpkin Painting

We mixed red and yellow paint to make orange pumpkins! We had fun making our hands orange too!

Harvest Day

It was fun to see how much lettuce grew from those tiny seeds that we planted. We cut the lettuce with scissors and then dug up the roots for compost. When we were finished with the lettuce, we planted new seeds in the soil. Can you guess what we’re growing next?  

Build a Shady Spot

We learned about how the sun provides heat and light to help living things. We worked in teams to build structures that would shade an ice cube from the sun. We made predictions about what would happen to that ice cube and what would happen to ice cubes left out in the sun. Given an assortment of materials, the teams came up with different ways to protect their ice cubes. Some built houses, tents, or umbrellas. We placed our structures on a picnic table in the courtyard. We placed the ice cubes inside and outside the structures, then left them

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A Visit From the Museum of Science

A big thanks to the PTO for funding Wednesday’s visit from the Museum of Science as we learned more about animal habitats. We saw a leopard gecko and learned what they eat, what kind of shelter they prefer, and what kind of climate they enjoy. Then we had to use those clues to guess their habitat. We did the same with an Eastern Milk Snake… and a brown rat! We also got to touch a turtle shell, a snake skin, and a raccoon fur. Thank you, PTO, for sponsoring this great program!

Planting Lettuce Seeds

After a few rain delays, we were finally able to plant our lettuce seeds in the courtyard garden with the help of third grade teacher, Mrs. MacNeill. Each class participated in planting a vegetable. We will observe them as they grow and hope to harvest them before the end of the year.

Trash to Treasure

We have had a lot of fun creating things out of recyclable materials! Birdhouses, hotels, boats, pools, and robots were just some of the creations!