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Farm Field Trip

Our trip to the farm was a blast! We loved the hay ride, donuts, and animals. The playground was a favorite for many of the kids!


We mixed red and yellow paint to make orange pumpkins in the art center. Then we drew shapes to make eyes, noses, and mouths. We made lots of different kinds of faces on our jack-o’-lanterns!

Field Trip

We had so much fun on our trip to the Children’s Museum!

Valentine’s Day/Play Day

What a fun day doing Valentine activities and playing with our fifth grade buddies! We also had a Valentine’s Flower Shop in our Housekeeping Center this week, so we got to practice buying and selling flowers!  

Snowy Scenes

We enjoyed painting snowy scenes with our fingers at the Art Center. We added glitter… Then we added ourselves!    

Boat Building

We talked about the story of Thanksgiving and how the Pilgrims sailed across the ocean in a big ship called the Mayflower. Then we had an engineering challenge: working as a team, choose materials to build a boat that will float and not sink! To be successful, teams had to listen to each other, compromise, and work together. They tried different materials and put back things that didn’t work well for their design. It was fun to try putting people (math counters) in the boat!  

Exploring Maps

We read Me on the Map and learned the names of our street, town, state, country, and planet. We explored many different kinds of maps. We talked about how we have used maps when hiking, driving, or visiting new places.   When have you used a map?

Global Play Day

We had fun playing games with our fifth grade buddies on Global Play Day. Ask your child how the fifth grade plants are doing! What happened to the seeds that were planted in cotton balls?

Snow Bears

This week, we read The Three Snow Bears by Jan Brett. We noticed it was a lot like Goldilocks and the Three Bears! In the art center, we made polar bears out of old newspapers. What a great way to reuse materials!

Winter Activities

We had a lot of fun with hands on winter activities this week! We experimented with solids and liquids by freezing some classroom materials in ice. We put one bowl outside and kept one inside and observed how each changed throughout the day. We made dreidels and practiced spinning them while graphing our results. We tried mixing baking soda and shaving cream to make indoor “snow.” It was fun to pack it into a snowball but then crumble it up again!