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Exploring Centers

Every day, the children are assigned to a center where they stay for 30 minutes and work and play with a small group. Here’s a look into what we’ve been doing at centers: At Art, we have been learning how to use some of the materials such as stencils and colored pencils.   At Math, we are learning what counters are used for and trying out sorting, making patterns, and counting a group of ten.   At Blocks, the kids can choose between Legos and big wooden blocks.   At the Building Center, the Duplo zoo kit has been very

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Exploring Maps

We began our map unit by looking at different kinds of maps and noticing land and water. We started finding our place in the world by reading Me on the Map and writing our own version of the story.

Arrival Activties

What are we doing first thing in the morning? When the kids arrive, they have jobs to do and then they may choose from four tables of activities. It is a great time to socialize and enjoy free play. Choices include puzzles, games, art, blocks, math manipulatives, and building toys.  

Earth Day

This week, we read books about taking care of our planet, talked about how to reduce, reuse, and recycle, and made a class book. We also started a project in the art center to show what the earth looks like from space. Using paint and shaving cream, we made prints to show the blue water and green land covered with clouds. After we made the prints, we got to play in the shaving cream. It was messy fun!

Children’s Museum

We spent an hour exploring the museum in our small groups. Then we gathered to do a science lesson with museum staff members. They told us a storm was coming and we had to build a strong roof on our house so that we would stay dry! We split into groups and had to work together to select and use a variety of materials with a limited amount of tape to build a roof. When the storm (watering can) came, we all watched to see how well our roofs kept the rain out. It was fun to cheer for each

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Solving Problems with Puppets

As part of our focus on social emotional learning, we used our puppets to act out some typical kindergarten problems. The kids had fun showing the “wrong” way to solve the problem, and then worked together to try a better way to solve it.    

Rude Cakes

We read a fun new book called Rude Cakes by Rowboat Watkins as part of our ongoing social emotional unit. The kids loved the silly illustrations and were excited to try their own! First, they thought of an example of a rude cake: Then, they thought of how that cake could be polite instead: We are all going to work on being polite cakes!

How Did the Gingerbread Man Cross the River?

We had a great time working in teams to build bridges to help the Gingerbread Man get away from the fox and across the river. Students had to decide which recycled materials to use, and how to put them together to keep the Gingerbread Man safe and dry. It took trial and error, compromise, and perseverance!   We watched each group test their bridge. We noticed how people solved the problem in different ways.      

Holiday Fun

We are enjoying reading in our gingerbread house during Quiet Time! We practiced sight words by making a string of sight word lights to decorate our classroom.

Making Giant Shapes

We used the cafeteria, some yarn, and teamwork to make giant squares, rectangles, and rhombuses.  Working in groups of two or three, the students had to figure out how to make the correct number of sides and corners for each shape. Making a circle was the biggest challenge!