What Does Math Look Like?

We do a lot of hands-on activities in math! Here’s a look at some of the things we did in math this week.

In the math center, we practiced writing numbers in shaving cream.

The rectangular trays are just like the boxes we write in when we practice numbers on paper. The top left hand corner is called “the starting corner” and almost every number starts there!

Although we don’t measure with units in kindergarten, we become familiar with the terms longer and shorter. We practiced describing the length of objects by comparing them to a paper clip. Is it longer or shorter than the paper clip?

This task required sharing materials and working together.

We noticed that most things were longer than the paper clip. Then we compared the same objects to a marker and noticed the results were different!

We also enjoyed using our counting bears to practice positional words. Partners took turns telling each other where to put the bear: “Put the bear below your chin. Put the bear above your head.”

Coming up soon – an obstacle course using positional words!